Now half my street can attempt to hack into my wireless internet connection. Sign Up Follow Us www. Got this to replace a friend’s Netgear which I believed was causing some issues. Problem is this is not a plug and play as it should be – sold as easy set up but feels like you need to be a tech wizard to get best out of it. First rate, also BroadbandBuyers top class service too. Other reviewers have suggested tweaking settings e. Modern good router Reviewed by Idem Lewis , 07 May

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Important Information Regarding Reviews All customer reviews and comments are subject to our Customer reviews terms t-dw8960n conditions. Having had no end of trouble with my sky connection, constantly poor broadband tp-link td-w8960n speed ive tried numerous things to fix it.

Excellent product Reviewed by Bukhtar18 August TP-Link is not obligated to provide any maintenance or tp-link td-w8960n for it, and does not guarantee tp-link td-w8960n performance and stability of third party firmware.

The automatic conneciton wizard tp-link td-w8960n sets up incorrect settings. Modifications and Bug Fixes: Consumer feedback is provided for customers of the site to exchange information and views. Potentially very good but some significant flaws Tx-w8960n by Swindon13 March The web site is open to the public and so feedback should be worded appropriately.

Using the broadcom chipset i can change my SNR margin with the dmt tool.

Other reviewers have suggested tweaking settings e. This bacame a problem recently when using Netflix as i couldnt gd-w8960n it to tp-link td-w8960n above 5mbps which is required for HD streaming and as such could never watch anything in HD.

Switches Boosts your business network with premium performance. Please refer to your TP-Link regional website to determine product availability. You can review, print tp-link td-w8960n download the respective GPL licence terms here. Sign Up Follow Us www. Signal strength was another bonus — my old Wireless-G network was good td-w89660n about 15 metres with a few tp-link td-w8960n in the way, but the TD-WN coupled with a Wireless-N access point kept on chugging up to about 30 metres.

Your device’s configuration won’t be lost after upgrading,which means you needn’t tp-link td-w8960n configure your device again after upgrading.

Bigpipe Modem Setup Guide for TP-Link TD-W8960N 300M Wireless N All-In-One Modem Router (ADSL)

Ive had this product for about a year tp-link td-w8960n, so i know it pretty tp-link td-w8960n, its very easy to set up and administer and looks the part too for what its worth. I am connected to O2 and pay for an 8 meg connection.

If I can advise anyone, buy this router!! Please verify the hardware version of your device for the firmware version. Modern good router Reviewed by Idem Lewis07 May Great router replaced my o2 wireless n box and it has been rock solid since. Tp-link td-w8960n or materials which infringe the rights of others, which incite crime, are threatening, obscene, indecent, racist, abusive or tp-link td-w8960n of other people or companies may make you criminally liable and are not permitted.

TP-Link TD-WN Modem Setup Guide (ADSL) | Blogpipe

The only issue i have with it is that the speed i get though it tp-link td-w8960n very stable. The only difference is the modem.

I pt-link product very much and it is more up to date than my last router. Got this to replace a friend’s Netgear which I believed was causing some issues. All i can say tp-link td-w8960n it was the best purchase ever! ADSL as fast as the O2 wireless box 4 due tp-link td-w8960n broadcom chipset.

A firmware update can resolve issues that the previous firmware version may have and improve its current performance. Unfortunately this router could never hold a connection for more than a few hours.

However this router is excellent and i wouldnt hesitate in buying one again. Do NOT turn off the power during the upgrade process, as it may cause permanent damage to the tp-link td-w8960n.